Classroom Instruction

Elevate-MR topics/modules

  • Introducing marketing researchBasic marketing research terminology and industry guidelines
  • Deciding if marketing research is neededChecklist for deciding whether a marketing research study should be conducted; topics include understanding objectives, risks and ROI
  • Types of marketing research studiesExamples of popular topics in marketing research as well qualitative and quantitative techniques used in different types of studies
  • Approaching survey researchHigh-level decisions to make in planning a quantitative marketing research study; topics include choosing methodology, sample sources and sample sizes
  • Research design conceptsConcepts and issues related to designing a quantitative marketing research study; topics include variable types, experimental design, reliability, validity and types of bias
  • Principles of survey constructionHigh-level best practices to follow when constructing your own surveys, including tips for creating effective online and mobile/tablet surveys
  • Question types & response scalesDifferent types of questions and scales to use in surveys as well as techniques for managing response bias
  • Basic analysis: Descriptive statisticsOverview of descriptive statistics, including measures of central tendency, frequency distributions, sampling distributions and probability distributions
  • Basic analysis: Detecting significant differencesThe theory and practice of comparing groups and determining if differences exist; topics include confidence intervals, one- and two-group tests, cross tabulations and popular data analysis tools
  • Advanced analytic techniquesBrief descriptions of advanced analytical techniques used in marketing research today, from correlations and regression to conjoint & discrete choice analysis
  • Preparing marketing research reportsThe principles of writing effective marketing research reports; topics include data cleaning/weighting, levels of analysis, building the story, laying out slides and other considerations
  • Research in a global environmentOverview of how to conduct global research; topics include methodology across markets, dealing with scale usage differences and best practices for online global surveys
  • Conducting qualitative researchGeneral overview of qualitative research techniques; topics include running focus groups, modes of inquiring, writing discussion guides and interpreting results

Classroom instruction delivers practical knowledge to researchers at all levels.

WRG’s Elevate-MR training program is a practical approach to professional development emphasizing key concepts and terminology to get new staff up to speed quickly and push experienced researchers to expand their skills. In-person classroom-style instruction is conducted onsite (at your company) or nearby to minimize travel time & expense. Participants receive a spiral-bound classroom manual that also serves as an on-the-job reference text. Pricing is based on number of participants and range of topics selected.

Elevate-MR helps new and experienced researchers take their skills to the next level.